ASC AC-1 Series IV

  • Supports window-type or split-type airconditioning units
  • Up to 2 airconditioning units can be connected per controller for load scheduling
  • Digitally programmable timer setting of load schedules (from 12-hour intervals up to 2-hour Intervals)
  • Digitally programmable HI & LO temperature set points with hysterisis (selectable to °Cor °F)
  • Auto switch-back to load schedules upon restoration from abnormal temperature condition
  • BYPASS switch per airconditioning unit to override automatic load schedules.
  • Individual LED indicator lamps of system status (normal, ACUfault)
  • Compatible with different environmental sensors.
  • Alphanumeric LCD keypad display with internal buzzer to indicate detailed system status.
  • Built-in security system function (entry-exit delays).
  • Supports multiple security devices like magnetic contacts, motion sensors, vibration sensors, etc. (optional)
  • Supports different sensors like humidity, water bug, smoke detector, etc. (optional)
  • Supports ExternalAudible Sounder (optional)
  • Supports 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detectors (optional)
  • Built-in digital communicator for remote status reporting (ACLoss,ALARM, FAULT, etc)
  • Backup battery to maintain fire detection and security function during power failures