DT992 Details Apollo Discovery Heat Detector (58000-400)

Operating Modes

Every operating mode has a different behaviour, each suitable for a
different application. All modes have a fixed temperature trigger, with
optional rate-of-rise selection allowing the detector to respond to a
temperature alarm before the fixed level is reached. The DT992
supports A1R (57°C with rate-of-rise), A2R (61°C with rate-of-rise),
A2S (61°C static), CR (90°C with rate-of-rise) and CS (90°C static)
modes of operation.

Unique Addressing

A unique, patented addressing method provides simple, user-friendly
and accurate identification of device location. A coded card, inserted in
the base, is read by the detector as it is plugged in. All the electronic
components are in the detector, but the location information is held in
the base. Addressing errors during maintenance are eliminated
because the address remains in the base. Pre-coded and pre-
numbered address cards are available.


The DT992 is ideal for use in environments that are dirty or smoky
under normal conditions. It is therefore well suited installation in
warehouses, loading bays and car parks.

  • 5 Approved response modes for ease of optimisation to different environments
  • Rejection of transient signals
  • Drift compensation to ensure constant sensitivity
  • 360° Alarm visibility
  • Flashing LED option
  • Fast alarm reporting
  • EN54 approved and CPR certified
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