VK-1230 Fire Suppression System

Novec1230 extinguishing agent stops the combustion reaction by reducing the heat of the fire.

It is very efficient yet unaggressive at the same time.

The extinguishing agent is stored as a liquid and transforms into a gas only when it exits from the extinguishing nozzles.

It therefore extinguishes even concealed fire sources instantaneously.

The rapid extinguishing of a fire already in the nascent phase minimizes the fire damage and prevents long downtimes or business interruptions.

Furthermore, unlike the case of water, foam or powder, secondary damage caused by the extinguishing agent itself is practically impossible.

Novec1230 is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive, leaves no residue and can easily be removed from the space concerned through ventilation.

Novec1230 is, besides inert gases, the preferred extinguishing agent for electronic and electrical risks.


  • Very high environmental compatibility
  • An extinguishing agent where its use in the future is protected by the 3M
  • Blue Sky Warranty
  • Optimised system design by using professional VK 1230 calculation software
  • Robust design, so low installation and maintenance costs
  • Rapid extinguishing effect
  • Exceedingly safe for use in occupied areas
  • No extinguishing agent residues, neither corrosive nor electrically conductive
  • Higher operating pressure possible than comparable systems, so longer pipeworks and multi-zone systems can be achieved
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Approvals from UL, FM, VdS, GL, ABS
  • World-wide recognised and approved extinguishing agent
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