K40 & K20 Foam/Water Sprinklers

Popular applications include process
area protection, road and rail tanker
loading bays, warehousing and aircraft
hangars. They are particularly well
suited for use in high risk situations
where mixed risk flammable liquids are
stored. When used in conjunction with
Angus Alcoseal AR-FFFP multipurpose
foam concentrate both K40 Mk2 and
K20 Mk2 provide excellent quality of
finished foam, sealing off vapours and
protecting against reignition.

Both these foam/water sprinklers are
compact, robust and consequently
less easily damaged than conventional
designs. Each sprinkler is entirely
constructed from 316 stainless steel,
which provides excellent corrosion
resistance and makes them particularly
well suited to process area and coastal


They are designed to produce finished
foam with an expansion ratio in the
range 5:1 to 7:1 over a 1 - 7 bar.
(15 - 100 psi) operating range.
Flow (litres/min) = K√P where P is inlet
pressure (bar)

K40 Mk2
Lloyds register of shipping
Maritime and coastguard agency

  • For use as part of an engineered fire protection system
  • Compact and robust
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Pendant mounted
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