Mark II Methane Gas Detector

In addition to protecting your property and employees, cost
savings are also realized. Insurance premiums may be reduced
as a result of a Methane gas detector installation. Electricity
costs decrease as a result of controlled exhaust fan operation
rather than continuous fan operation. Air conditioning and
heating costs are also reduced as a result of the controlled fan

Two models are available: AC or DC, Optional accessories
include steel junction box for mounting on wall or ceiling,
remote panel for eye level placement, and modular cable for
connecting the remote to the detector.


• Continuous monitoring of Methane gas levels
• Automatic Exhuast fan operation
• An 80-db warning alarm, and remote excaust fan
with alarm activation
• LED status display
• Reliable, highly sensative, highly stable, solid
state sensor
• Simple Installation
• Long operating life


• Protects against fire and explosions
• Inexpensive protection for your property and employees
• Decreases electricity costs as a result of controlled exjaust fan operation
• Insurance premium reduction may be realized
• Reduces air conditioning and heating costs as a
result of controlled fan operation
• Reliable, uninterupted 24/7 monitoring and control
• Simple operation


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